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February 4, 2009

Lego New York

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I haven’t posted in a while for many reasons, some of those being that I’ve been busy and that I haven’t felt up to it. I want to get back to it, and get back to posting things about New York, not just TV shows and actors who get me lots of views. So here’s a start, I suppose. A great photo-blog complete with legos and new york.  I’m a big fan of the taxi one and the Polish flag. Enjoy.

January 22, 2009

Lost Season Five: Death of the Flashback

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So Lost last night was of course great and wonderful.


I was disappointed with the end of the second episode. I’m sorry but, “Then God help us all…” is not an adequate gasp-enducer. I KNOW that really bad things are going to happen if these people don’t get back to the island. Start telling me what or why or when and I’ll be excited. Thank you, Daniel. (you’re so cute, btw).

I’m very sad to see the end of the flashback. I know they’re not necessary or even possible at this point in the show, but I liked the old format a lot. It was nice for the island plot/characters to move along (usually slowly) while you got a closer look into their lives before the island.  But alas, we know all of the (still living) characters pretty well by now. And flashbacks within time-travel is kind of pointless, yeah?

hot-pocketI think it pretty much goes without saying that my favorite moment BY FAR was Hurley hurling (ha!) a hot pocket at Ben.  Seriously, I was drinking a Dharma-labeled beer at the time, and thought I might pee myself. It’s happened before.

Here’s how I feel about the characters at the moment:

Jack: Getting less pathetic than last season. Could’ve kept the beard, if he’d just trimmed.

Kate: Ugh, stop committing felonies all the time. Also, you know you want to get back with Sawyer, that is if he’s not already doing Juliet.

Sun: That was pretty harsh what she did to Kate, but I have faith. Plus, if I lost Jin I’d be pretty passive-aggressive, too. It’s either going to be really easy or really hard to get her to go back to the island. I have my theories…

Sawyer: Definitely more of a leader when stupid Jack isn’t around. I don’t know why he felt such a need to find a shirt. There’s lots of speculation that he and Juliet are gonna get it on this season. More power to them if they want to, but I will do everything I can to stop it. Like teleporting to the island and totally cockblocking Juliet.151

Juliet: I feel like she’s not changing much. Sure, she’s more assertive than when she came to the island, but at this point it doesn’t seem like she’s ever gonna get off. Although, if Ethan is back, does that mean Goodwin can be, too?

Locke: I feel about him a lot like I felt about former (!) president Bush. He’s not intentionally screwing everything up, but he’s gotten some really bad advice, and he’s just not cut out to make important decisions. He’s an overall good person. He’s got a good heart, just follows that too much instead of his brain. I’m excited to see how his corpse convinces the Six to come back.

Hurley: COME ON MAN. I love him, he’s great. But Ana Lucia specifically told him not to get arrested. Granted, Sayid told him to do the opposite of what Ben says, but not going back to the island didn’t necessarily have to involve giving himself up to the cops. GAH.

Sayid: Still badass. Still not hot.

danielDaniel: He’s making me more and more suspicious of him, which sucks because he’s so darn cute. But he’s apparently going to explain everything eventually, so I’ll let him drag it out a little further.

I can’t believe Jeremy Davies (the guy who plays him) is going to be 40 this year. I’d let him pass for 26. I’d also marry him.

18Charlotte: I really don’t like her at all. But I don’t really want anything bad to happen to her because I know Daniel cares about her a lot, and she’s apparently a big link in this whole crazy puzzle. However, either something bad is going to happen, or she’s working on a sweet new mustache/chest hair statement.

Miles: Same. Go convince some more boars to drop dead so you can eat them.

Bernard and Rose: SHUT UP. I’m tired of them. Sorry.

Ben: are you good or bad?!?!? Just tell meeeeeeeeeee.

…um this post may or may not have been skewed by my boss being a dbag all day and me being in a bad mood. apologies.

Asleep on the Subway

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There’s this new site exclusively for photos of people falling asleep on the subway. Awesome.

I’m mostly posting this so that when I end up in one of the photos I can be all, “yeah, I was hopin’ that guy would take a picture, so I made the best sleep-face I could…yeah…”

I hope people wills tart posting from places other than NYC. Other cities do have subways…right?

And I must say, there are an awful lot of E train nappers.

January 21, 2009

Fur hats

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It seems like everyone’s talking about Aretha Franklin’s  amazing/hideous/glamorous/sparkly  bow hat. I get it, it’s crazyawesome.

But all these folks seem to be overlooking a far more threatening look sported at yesterday’s inauguration. One that is actually beginning to find its way to non-celebrity heads. One that may forever tarnish the sanctity of winter hats. Fur. Giant hideous fur. Listen, I’m no PETA advocate. I like animals a lot, and I don’t like undue harm. But we have to eat. And I guess you can make an argument for having to be warm. I’m sure these hats are warm.

HOWEVER. There are lots of other warm things to put on your head.

Jay-Z can maybe pull it off, but ONLY because he’s there with Beyonce. This hat sans Beyonce just looks dumb.

And if you think that these normal animal-y colored ones are bad…

Try the 80s hairband…headbands. Of fur.

Here’s a random quote I found.

“Fur has been making a subtly growing comeback both among men whose goal is to be deviously provocative as well as avant-garde hipsters. While fur coats are still a long way from being acceptable to the mainstream, fur accessories seem to be undergoing resurgence in popularity. After Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2007 collection included fur accented and even three-quarter length fur coats, other designers have followed suit. Hats and scarves make for opulently warm and luxurious pieces, and can even look good when worn the right way and by the right person. The danger, coming not only from being attacked by PETA supporters, is also inherent in that you can easily look like an eccentric throwback from Stalin’s Russia or Daniel Boone.”


Even people saying that these things are the new fashion are highlighting its risks. Although I’d like to add to Stalin’s Russia or Daniel Boone:


January 19, 2009

Is ABC anti-Sawyer?

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There’s this thing on called the Lost Showdown where there’s a bracket system and you vote on 16 clips from the first four seasons. On Wednesday it’ll be down to 8, and then I think it’s like a week or so between voting times to narrow it down to the single best clip.

They’re all really amazing clips, of course. And some of them are really tough to choose between. Did you cry your eyes out when Charlie put his hand up to the window to tell Desmond it wasn’t Penny’s boat? Or were you speechless when you finally found out how Locke was paralyzed? These are the questions we must answer.

I’ve come to believe, however, that whoever put together the brackets has it out for Sawyer and doesn’t want him to make it past the first round. First, there are only two clips which feature him. He’s in a couple more, but he’s the main person in just two. Those are the scene where he and Kate finally get it on in the cage, and then when he whispers into Kate’s ear and then jumps out of the helicopter. Both great scenes. But they’re put up against Jack’s “We have to go back” speech and the island disappearing, respectively. Now I love Sawyer, and of course voted for his clips, but I don’t expect the rest of the Lost audience to do the same. I understand that “We have to go back” will probably make it a few more rounds, if not be the winner.

I just don’t know why one of Sawyer’s scenes couldn’t have been against something with stupid Michael or something. I at least want him to make it past the first bracket.

Oh well. Go vote!

January 17, 2009

more celebrity doppelgangers

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There are a bunch of posters up for Big Love right now. I think a new season starts next week. I’ve never watched it, but I’ve heard good things. All of the posters are split into four corners and have various characters in each one. One of them is the dude with the three wives. And one of them looks just like Cameron from House.

I’m pretty sure it’s mostly how she looks in this specific picture, but this Ginnifer Goodwin keeps tricking me. She could totally be Jennifer Morrison. Look how similar their names are! And they’re only a year apart in age.

This here is Ginnifer Goodwin and below is Jennifer Morrison.

They’re both lovely girls.I guess Morrison does look a lot different when she has blond hair. But I like her better as Cameron when it’s dark.

January 16, 2009

I used to feel sorry for Pigeons

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By now everyone has heard about the crazy Hudson plane crash yesterday. I’d add more weight to this post if anyone were hurt badly, but it seems all’s well, unless some mutations appear in any who were actually touched by the water.

Anyway, the appernt cause of the crash was birds. Now, I’m not saying it was necessarily pigeons, but for the purpose of my rant, they were pigeons. I originally wanted to feel bad for these birds who probably didn’t intend to take down a plane by jamming engines with their bodies. But then I remembered an event from the other day which leads me to believe that pigeons are evil. And they probably meant to take down the plane.

Two days ago I was walking home from work. It was cold, but not as cold as today. I like to think I looked pretty good – nice boots, makeup not completely worn off, hair recently washed. As I rounded a corner I saw what could have been my future husband. Something like this only colder. And then I even had the pleasure of eye contact and a smile. Seriously, one of us was about to say hi, and then he was going to ask me to dinner and the stars were aligning such that we were on track to make gorgeous babies.

Then: Pigeon. I don’t know where it came from, but before I could give this guy my best eye-flirt, all I could see was grey and white flapping. It came straight for me, and the progression of my face went from cute to this:

After re-gaining my balance (this thing actaually grazed my right shoulder, sending me hurling left to try to avoid it) I kept my head down and nearly ran the rest of the way to my appartment.

Well, at least I didn’t end up looking like Fabio:

January 14, 2009

Best Survivor Contestant Ever.

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Well, not yet. He has to get on there first.

But I can assure you he’s lovable and entertaining.

Rate/comment on the video puh-lease.


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Only a week until Lost’s season 5 premiere.

Here are some things to pass the time:

cool countdown/quiz/interactive map

spoilers that I REFUSE to read.


fan site


and, my new homepage.


Benson and Stabler to the rescue

Okay, so I knowwww that I’ve already established my love of NCIS. It’s the only crime show I’ve even considered watching on a weekly basis when new episodes come out rather than watching marathons on USA, TBS etc. Unfortunatly, new episodes are airing on Tuesdays, and I work Tuesday nights. Fooey.

However, it’s hard to resist pretending you’re on Law & Order when you and a friend in central park can so convincingly depict dead body/dead body finder and wait around for Benson and Stabler to come to the rescue.

I know that SVU isn’t the only Law & Order (who could overlook Vincent D’Onofrio in Criminal Intent?). But it is my favorite, i suppose. I like the characters alright, I just couldn’t tell you any sort of timeline about their personal lives. They’re just there to solve the crimes and every once in a while Stabler mentions he has a family at home.

Mariska Hargitay is probably definitely the hottest detective on all of the Law & Orders. She’s great, and I like Benson for the most part, except when she gets a little too attached to cases. I guess it’s a common issue in that sort of job, but I never really feel like she has all that much emotion. It seems forced somehow. But I do like her, and her and Stabler together is pretty great. Hargitay really hasn’t been in much. An episode of Seinfeld, an episode of Ellen, and what seems to be a full season of ER. Nothing upcoming, though. I wish she’d take a more sexy role in something, because the pantsuits just don’t show her full potential. Also, long hair vs. short hair? Your thoughts?

Okay, I don’t like to admit my love for Christopher Meloni, but he’s definitely attractive. I think it’s his personality as Stabler, though, that’s the biggest selling point. He’s such a badass, but sometimes has a softer side. I guess you have to in his job. Sometimes he gets a little too macho for my liking, but when you carry a gun around every day I think that’s to be expected. Meloni has been in a few noteworthy movies, including 12 Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He also had a fairly main role in Oz. Did you know he did the voice for Spike on Dinosaurs?!! YES.  He’s made a few bad decisions, like Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay and Nights in Rodanthe. Not that I saw either of those. Hopefully his upcoming movies will be better, Dirty Movie and The Stepfather. One time on the show I saw him with his shirt off for an instant and noticed he had tattoos. This is what it is, though. It’s nice, stylistically, I just think I’d be a little weirded out if I were ever doin’ a guy and had jesus in plain view. Maybe that’s just me.

In case you’re interested, the second picture of him in Google Images is full-frontal of him in a prison cell. This was with moderate safe search on, too. I don’t know what the context was, but seems like an interesting movie? show? Maybe that was from Oz? Hm.

But the best role he’s ever played is clearly Gene in Wet Hot American Summer.

(mmmm beards)

And then there’s Mr. Munch. Er, Detective Munch. Richard Belzer. I must say he’s done a fine job of being the same character throughout his career. He’s played Detective  Munch on more than five different shows, starting on Homicide: Life on the Streets, and including Arrested Development, and The Wire. Oh, but don’t forget Belzervision. He always looks so grumpy. So here’s a picture of him with a puppy.

And of course, Captain Cragen, played by Dann Florek. He’s a pretty lovable old guy. He never really gets angry, except when it’s really important. He’s been on a lot of crime shows, starting wtih  Matlock. And the unforgettable Mr. Slate in The Flinstones. It appears that he has a wife. However, these pictures lead me to believe otherwise.

Just sayin’.

Chris North looks to be enjoying this, but Melosi just got caught in a man-twister and landed in awkward-city. Seems like he’s at least trying to play along, though.

Odafin “Fin” Tutuola. What does that name mean to you? Nothing. Exactly. Because he’s just always going to be Ice-T, no matter what weird character name he’s given. And that includes T-Saint in Tank Girl, J-Bone in Johnny Mnemonic, and C-Note in The Heist. I sense an affinity for hyphens. He was also in Frankenpenis.

I saw an interview with him once about his character on SVU, and it really seems like he wants to be taken seriously as an actor.


My faaaavorite minor character is Dr. George Huang played by B.D. Wong. He’s actually been in some pretty cool stuf, AND was Howard Weinstein in Father Of the Bride (parts 1 and 2)!! I’d let him plan my wedding any day. He also did the voice of the cockroach in Joe’s Apartment, and 47 episodes of Oz. And according to imdb, he was one of the morphed faces in Michael Jackson’s Black or White video. And he’s completely adorable.

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming anyone cares about Dr. Melinda Warner played by Tamara Tunie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tunie is a great person and all, and she does her job as Warner well. But she’s just not developed much. She’s no Ducky.  As far as her roles go, there’s not much to speak of, although what seems to be a fairly lead role on As the World Turns. She does, however, fall into the category of totally hot if I could ever see her not in a lab coat.

And fiiiiinally, ADA Casey Novak played by Diane Neal. Novak definitely has a personality, but I find her a little bitchy. She’s got good intentions, but I dunno, I guess I feel like Neal in real life is a lot more laid back, and it’s hard for her to play such a by-the-books role. She’s been in pretty much nothing I care about except for her recent performance on 30Rock as one of Liz Lemon’s high school classmates in the episode “Reunion”. A brilliant episode, I must say. And Neal played her part very well.  She’ll be in Dirty Movie as well. AND AND AND something called Your Presents Requested starring Melissa Joan Hart and JOEY LAWRENCE. Awesome.

I really love that the show is set in New York, because now I can figure out if I’ve been to this episode’s crime scene, or how I would get there on the subway. Probably not something my parents would be too comfortable with, and I’m pretty sure SVU is most of the reason why they’re afraid for me to live here. But man, if I get to meet Stabler, er Meloni, it’ll all be worth it.

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