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January 19, 2009

Is ABC anti-Sawyer?

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There’s this thing on called the Lost Showdown where there’s a bracket system and you vote on 16 clips from the first four seasons. On Wednesday it’ll be down to 8, and then I think it’s like a week or so between voting times to narrow it down to the single best clip.

They’re all really amazing clips, of course. And some of them are really tough to choose between. Did you cry your eyes out when Charlie put his hand up to the window to tell Desmond it wasn’t Penny’s boat? Or were you speechless when you finally found out how Locke was paralyzed? These are the questions we must answer.

I’ve come to believe, however, that whoever put together the brackets has it out for Sawyer and doesn’t want him to make it past the first round. First, there are only two clips which feature him. He’s in a couple more, but he’s the main person in just two. Those are the scene where he and Kate finally get it on in the cage, and then when he whispers into Kate’s ear and then jumps out of the helicopter. Both great scenes. But they’re put up against Jack’s “We have to go back” speech and the island disappearing, respectively. Now I love Sawyer, and of course voted for his clips, but I don’t expect the rest of the Lost audience to do the same. I understand that “We have to go back” will probably make it a few more rounds, if not be the winner.

I just don’t know why one of Sawyer’s scenes couldn’t have been against something with stupid Michael or something. I at least want him to make it past the first bracket.

Oh well. Go vote!


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