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February 4, 2009

Lego New York

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I haven’t posted in a while for many reasons, some of those being that I’ve been busy and that I haven’t felt up to it. I want to get back to it, and get back to posting things about New York, not just TV shows and actors who get me lots of views. So here’s a start, I suppose. A great photo-blog complete with legos and new york.  I’m a big fan of the taxi one and the Polish flag. Enjoy.


January 22, 2009

Asleep on the Subway

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There’s this new site exclusively for photos of people falling asleep on the subway. Awesome.

I’m mostly posting this so that when I end up in one of the photos I can be all, “yeah, I was hopin’ that guy would take a picture, so I made the best sleep-face I could…yeah…”

I hope people wills tart posting from places other than NYC. Other cities do have subways…right?

And I must say, there are an awful lot of E train nappers.

January 16, 2009

I used to feel sorry for Pigeons

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By now everyone has heard about the crazy Hudson plane crash yesterday. I’d add more weight to this post if anyone were hurt badly, but it seems all’s well, unless some mutations appear in any who were actually touched by the water.

Anyway, the appernt cause of the crash was birds. Now, I’m not saying it was necessarily pigeons, but for the purpose of my rant, they were pigeons. I originally wanted to feel bad for these birds who probably didn’t intend to take down a plane by jamming engines with their bodies. But then I remembered an event from the other day which leads me to believe that pigeons are evil. And they probably meant to take down the plane.

Two days ago I was walking home from work. It was cold, but not as cold as today. I like to think I looked pretty good – nice boots, makeup not completely worn off, hair recently washed. As I rounded a corner I saw what could have been my future husband. Something like this only colder. And then I even had the pleasure of eye contact and a smile. Seriously, one of us was about to say hi, and then he was going to ask me to dinner and the stars were aligning such that we were on track to make gorgeous babies.

Then: Pigeon. I don’t know where it came from, but before I could give this guy my best eye-flirt, all I could see was grey and white flapping. It came straight for me, and the progression of my face went from cute to this:

After re-gaining my balance (this thing actaually grazed my right shoulder, sending me hurling left to try to avoid it) I kept my head down and nearly ran the rest of the way to my appartment.

Well, at least I didn’t end up looking like Fabio:

January 14, 2009

Benson and Stabler to the rescue

Okay, so I knowwww that I’ve already established my love of NCIS. It’s the only crime show I’ve even considered watching on a weekly basis when new episodes come out rather than watching marathons on USA, TBS etc. Unfortunatly, new episodes are airing on Tuesdays, and I work Tuesday nights. Fooey.

However, it’s hard to resist pretending you’re on Law & Order when you and a friend in central park can so convincingly depict dead body/dead body finder and wait around for Benson and Stabler to come to the rescue.

I know that SVU isn’t the only Law & Order (who could overlook Vincent D’Onofrio in Criminal Intent?). But it is my favorite, i suppose. I like the characters alright, I just couldn’t tell you any sort of timeline about their personal lives. They’re just there to solve the crimes and every once in a while Stabler mentions he has a family at home.

Mariska Hargitay is probably definitely the hottest detective on all of the Law & Orders. She’s great, and I like Benson for the most part, except when she gets a little too attached to cases. I guess it’s a common issue in that sort of job, but I never really feel like she has all that much emotion. It seems forced somehow. But I do like her, and her and Stabler together is pretty great. Hargitay really hasn’t been in much. An episode of Seinfeld, an episode of Ellen, and what seems to be a full season of ER. Nothing upcoming, though. I wish she’d take a more sexy role in something, because the pantsuits just don’t show her full potential. Also, long hair vs. short hair? Your thoughts?

Okay, I don’t like to admit my love for Christopher Meloni, but he’s definitely attractive. I think it’s his personality as Stabler, though, that’s the biggest selling point. He’s such a badass, but sometimes has a softer side. I guess you have to in his job. Sometimes he gets a little too macho for my liking, but when you carry a gun around every day I think that’s to be expected. Meloni has been in a few noteworthy movies, including 12 Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He also had a fairly main role in Oz. Did you know he did the voice for Spike on Dinosaurs?!! YES.  He’s made a few bad decisions, like Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay and Nights in Rodanthe. Not that I saw either of those. Hopefully his upcoming movies will be better, Dirty Movie and The Stepfather. One time on the show I saw him with his shirt off for an instant and noticed he had tattoos. This is what it is, though. It’s nice, stylistically, I just think I’d be a little weirded out if I were ever doin’ a guy and had jesus in plain view. Maybe that’s just me.

In case you’re interested, the second picture of him in Google Images is full-frontal of him in a prison cell. This was with moderate safe search on, too. I don’t know what the context was, but seems like an interesting movie? show? Maybe that was from Oz? Hm.

But the best role he’s ever played is clearly Gene in Wet Hot American Summer.

(mmmm beards)

And then there’s Mr. Munch. Er, Detective Munch. Richard Belzer. I must say he’s done a fine job of being the same character throughout his career. He’s played Detective  Munch on more than five different shows, starting on Homicide: Life on the Streets, and including Arrested Development, and The Wire. Oh, but don’t forget Belzervision. He always looks so grumpy. So here’s a picture of him with a puppy.

And of course, Captain Cragen, played by Dann Florek. He’s a pretty lovable old guy. He never really gets angry, except when it’s really important. He’s been on a lot of crime shows, starting wtih  Matlock. And the unforgettable Mr. Slate in The Flinstones. It appears that he has a wife. However, these pictures lead me to believe otherwise.

Just sayin’.

Chris North looks to be enjoying this, but Melosi just got caught in a man-twister and landed in awkward-city. Seems like he’s at least trying to play along, though.

Odafin “Fin” Tutuola. What does that name mean to you? Nothing. Exactly. Because he’s just always going to be Ice-T, no matter what weird character name he’s given. And that includes T-Saint in Tank Girl, J-Bone in Johnny Mnemonic, and C-Note in The Heist. I sense an affinity for hyphens. He was also in Frankenpenis.

I saw an interview with him once about his character on SVU, and it really seems like he wants to be taken seriously as an actor.


My faaaavorite minor character is Dr. George Huang played by B.D. Wong. He’s actually been in some pretty cool stuf, AND was Howard Weinstein in Father Of the Bride (parts 1 and 2)!! I’d let him plan my wedding any day. He also did the voice of the cockroach in Joe’s Apartment, and 47 episodes of Oz. And according to imdb, he was one of the morphed faces in Michael Jackson’s Black or White video. And he’s completely adorable.

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming anyone cares about Dr. Melinda Warner played by Tamara Tunie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tunie is a great person and all, and she does her job as Warner well. But she’s just not developed much. She’s no Ducky.  As far as her roles go, there’s not much to speak of, although what seems to be a fairly lead role on As the World Turns. She does, however, fall into the category of totally hot if I could ever see her not in a lab coat.

And fiiiiinally, ADA Casey Novak played by Diane Neal. Novak definitely has a personality, but I find her a little bitchy. She’s got good intentions, but I dunno, I guess I feel like Neal in real life is a lot more laid back, and it’s hard for her to play such a by-the-books role. She’s been in pretty much nothing I care about except for her recent performance on 30Rock as one of Liz Lemon’s high school classmates in the episode “Reunion”. A brilliant episode, I must say. And Neal played her part very well.  She’ll be in Dirty Movie as well. AND AND AND something called Your Presents Requested starring Melissa Joan Hart and JOEY LAWRENCE. Awesome.

I really love that the show is set in New York, because now I can figure out if I’ve been to this episode’s crime scene, or how I would get there on the subway. Probably not something my parents would be too comfortable with, and I’m pretty sure SVU is most of the reason why they’re afraid for me to live here. But man, if I get to meet Stabler, er Meloni, it’ll all be worth it.

January 13, 2009

Bodies Exhibition

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Warning:  If you don’t like jokes about preserved bodies / fetuses please stop reading, this will probably offend you at some point. Also if you don’t want to see pictures of these things.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of kicking out of work early and wandering the city with a friend who was visiting from Baltimore.

Turns out pretty much all the museums we wanted to go to are closed on Mondays. But, thanks to my handy internet phone and a keen memory, we ended up at the Bodies Exhibition currently at the South Street Seaport.

It’s really great and you should check it out.

I’d wanted to go for a long time, and actually sat outside of it in the fall while my friend went in. I didn’t have a job yet, and couldn’t spend the $30. But yesterday it was totally worth it. My friend and I spent over 3 hours inside and left to the sounds of staff closing up for the night.

A lot of the things we saw were pretty much what I expected from what I’d read. Although, a written description can not really begin to explain the feeling you get when seeing them in person.  I don’t know, the fact that this was a real person doesn’t really hit you until you’re tempted to touch it.That’s one body – the skeletal and muscular systems separated, and what looks to be dancing with each other. The creepiest part of any of the full-size cadavers is the eyeballs. I fully expected them to turn their heads and start talking to me. And with my intense fear of zombies, that probably would have freaked me out a little.

Some of the bodies were cut into sections so that you can see how the parts fit together. The last one was 5 pieces in sections cut from side to side – that is, right arm, right torso, middle, left torso, left arm. There’s no good way to explain that.

This guy is cut the opposite direction – front to back into three pieces. My friend and I agreed that he was the happiest guy to be dissected and preserved.

My favorite section, which I hadn’t known about before going was the circulatory system. They have this crazy process where they put dye into the blood, then remove the rest of the body so that all that’s left is this beautiful, vivid map of all of the blood vessels in the body. Here’s the heart and lungs. It looks a lot like coral, which is pretty interesting from an evolutionary standpoint. Not that we’re evolved from coral, just that a lot of the same shapes and styles are used in totally different lifeforms.

But man, the cooooolest thing was this:

The entire circulatory system fully preserved.

There were a ton of cool facts about this, like how long it would be if fully stretched out…like billions of miles or something. That no cell is more than a millimeter away from a blood vessel at any given time. I think. It was crazy to see. The creepy part, though – there were lots of little red pieces that had broken off piling up at the bottom of the tank. They made me sad for some reason.

The most disturbing section was development, because that’s where the babies are. All of the fetuses on display were adorable and horrifying at the same time. And while I’m pretty firm on my beliefs about abortion, this room at least makes you think about it, if not change your mind about some things. However, the fetus with the bone-development process would make great cover art for some epic metal album:

Bad joke? Oh. Sorry.

Anyway, second to the Circulatory and Development rooms, I was intrigued by the nervous system, pretty much completely because of this extracted ENTIRE central nervous system. So scary. So awesome.

The exhibit was completely fascinating, and in the end had a just-preachy-enough message to make me think twice about what I eat and how I exercise. Some of their diseased organs are enough to make you want to slap anyone who smokes, and steal that doughnut from the fat guy walking down the street. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES.

I highly suggest making a trip to anyone interested. I want to try to go to at least one more of the various exhibits around the world to see some things I missed.

Like this.


December 30, 2008

New Year’s Eve

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Currently I have 5 party invitations for tomorrow night.

Two are in New York (on Manhattan, one Brooklyn)

Three are in Maryland, with old buddies from college.

I’m going to end up in Baltimore provided a friend of mine gives me the ride he has promised. It should be a lot of fun, but I wonder what that says about me. I’m leaving my first new year in NYC where I live 15 block from Times Square to go to a different city and probably watch Times Square on television.

Here are some of the things I’m missing out on in New York:

Two house parties guaranteed to be fun and FREE unless I pick up some beer on the way. Still, cheap, easy, nearby.

Forum. My roommate and some of her friends will be there. However, a $125 cover for 9pm-2am free drinks doesn’t really sound worth while to me. I don’t mind crowds too much, but I’m sure it will be packed, and the liquor provided can’t be top-shelf. I’m assuming you have to pay for anything better than rail drinks.

The best deal I could find for bars was Porky’s at only $65 general admission from 9pm to 3am. Not bad.

The most expensive? BLVD for a whopping $495 general admission from 9pm to 2am. Absurd. Who can afford that? That’s not even for the VIP tickets, which are sold out.

What about Times Square, you say? Well, here’s what it should be like. The schedule is fairly interesting. Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper will be doing portions of the hourly countdown. I’m not a huge fan of any of them. Performances by Lionel Richie and The Jonas Brothers. Again, not too interested. While I’m sure it’s exciting and vibrant, there are some downpoints. 

First, about a billion people. Okay, maybe not that many, but still. A lot of people to smush up against. Also, my mom once heard a story in the early 90s about people bringing needles with HIV on them and pricking random people in Times Square. I doubt this is true, but it still freaks me out a little.

Second, No alcohol. It’s illegal to have open containers outside, so it’ll be confiscated if you’re caught. Not that that’s a huge threat because of the billion people. What a lot of people do is get wasted before going so they don’t have to risk having alcohol there. Which leads to problem number three…

No public restrooms. So you’re screwed, unless you can find a nice alley to squat in and hope you don’t get stabbed. You can go into a restaurant or something, but I doubt they’ll be letting people in just to pee, and most have at least a $60 cover charge.

Verdict: Not worth it. I’ll go to a cheaper city, thank you.

How does this compare to some other cities? I found places in Philadelphia for as low as $30, but some above $200.

Baltimore isn’t even on, or organized enough to have any easily navigable sites on what to do or how much it costs.

Hopefully I’ll only end up spending about $30 on the whole thing, pitching in for gas and buying a six-pack of Natty-Boh for myself.

If you just can’t wait, here’s a simple countdown from

December 29, 2008

Amtrak vs. Chinatown Bus

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My family being from Wilmington, DE, and me no longer having enough use for a car, I’ve been experimenting with public transportation.
It’s not a very long trip to Wilmington. Two hours on a good day. So far I’ve tried two methods: The Chinatown Bus and an Amtrak train.

Here are some of the observations I’ve made:


Amtrak vs. Chinatown

Amtrak wins on seating. There’s more space, and even fold-down tables like on airplanes. I’ll give the Chinatown bus some credit, though, I’ve never seen this poorly-photoshopped face guy on my bus.


Amtrak vs. Chinatown

Penn Station can get crowded, but it’s clean, large, and heated. The bus that  I take (which doesn’t ONLY stop in Chinatown, surprisingly) picks me up at Macy’s on 34th and Broadway. While not a terrible area of town, it’s not warm. And you have to stand on the sidewalk ready to leap into the door to make sure you get a seat. Seriously. Last time I came back to NY on the bus a guy had to sit on a stool in the aisle because there were no seats left.


Amtrak vs. Chinatown

A clear winner here, Amtrak generally transports guys (and gals) in suits, or people on long trips with luggage. On my last trip to Delaware a man boarded in Trenton, sat next to me and played brickbreaker on his Blackberry until he got off in Philadelphia. I read my book. We didn’t even look at eachother. Wonderful. On my last trip to New York on the Chinatown bus I was the last person who didn’t have to sit in the ailse to board the bus. This meant I got to sit next to an obnoxios guy  drinking out of a paper bag (smelled like vodka, could have been rum…not sure) and talked on his phone to a girl he wanted to be his wifey. As I got off of the bus he grabbed my leg, told me “you special” and asked me to marry him. Sadly, I was proposed to last week by a Mexican cook named Nacho, and while I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no.  Point: Amtrak.


Amtrak vs. Chinatown

$52-$134   /   $20

Unfortunately for me, Chinatown wins.

December 18, 2008

Where the Sidewalk Smells…

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On my way to and from work every day there’s this corner. On the corner there’s a green fence blockin geverything but the sidewalk. There’s construction or something going on behind the fence (and has been since I started working half a block away).

And EVERY DAY it smells like pee. I try to avoid this smell by holding my breath but I usually time my walking wrong and end up gasping for air at the worst possible moment, getting a huge waft of stale pee. Gross.

My confusion has many levels, here. First, why don’t any of the people around me seem to smell this, and have reactions similar to this guy

Second, why does it smell like this? Is it just a permanent stench that has seeped into the location? Is it that there’s a subway grate nearby and the smell is wafting up at exactly the moment I walk home every night? Is some homeless guy consistently peeing in the same spot every night just to annoy me???

I’m seriously tempted to start walking three blocks out of my way to avoid this daily pain. I can’t imagine how much worse it will be when warm weather returns.

December 17, 2008

transit prices

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<a href=””></a>

I knew this was coming, I’d heard about it of course, and I just read a billion comments about it from New Yorkers and all those other people.

I’m not one for really advertising political opinions, but this just doesn’t seem right. I don’t really mind paying more for the subway. I only take it a few times a week, and people who ride it a lot should just get the unlimited pass. I know they don’t want it to go up $40 a month or whatever, but it’s really not that bad.

I don’t even mind being crammed in to cars. Except for that one time that creepy guy touched my butt, but what can you expect? It’s New York, it’s crowded. I knew that when I decided to move here. If you don’t like being smushed against a lot of people, this is not the city for you.

What I DO mind is that they’re laying off so many people. I understand, budget budget blah blah. But I can’t see justifying getting rid of so many workers. If the reasoning were that there was less work to do because the company was failing and/or reducing customers then I’d understand. But nobody who uses the subway on a regular basis is going to stop using it because of the rate hikes, it’s just going to make us all a little more pissed off when we’re shoved in the trains. So the answer to this is to get rid of 600 of the people who (presumably) make the trains more safe and easy to navigate? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Maybe someone can explain things better to me.

Also, I never take the W, but this picture is just so sad!

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