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January 9, 2009


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I watched the new episode of 30Rock last night. It was, you know, good. Salma Hayek guest starred (just another in the barrage of guest stars Tina has been able to coerce onto the show). As I watched her, I couldn’t help realize that I’m pretty sure she’s the same person as Cote de Pablo from NCIS.

I know Cote’s character, Ziva is supposed to be from Israel, but the actress was actually born in Chile, raised in Miami. Hayek was born in Mexico, and is apparently 13 years older, but I’m not buyin’ it.

Seriously, during the 30Rock episode last night I expected Tony and McGee to jump out from behind Jack’s bookcase and arrest him. Which would be bad, because I love Alec Baldwin. But based on the episodes ending I think Salma will be making more appearances, so it could still happen. Although if Jack and Gibbs were in the same room I think my brain would explode.

Okay, so Salma’s hair is darker and Cote has a weird/cute widow’s peak thing going on. And day-um are Salma’s boobs bigger. But still, I could see getting them confused.

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