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December 17, 2008

boyfriend material

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Okay, so I’m gonna go a little Sex and the City right here…

I just got back from lunch where I overheard some college-girls talking, the most interesting snippit of which was, “Come on, it’s just college. Get over it.”

I’m sure I didn’t get the full context, but that doesn’t really mater. What does matter is that it reminded me of a conversation from the other night between my roommate and a pizza guy who comes to visit our apartment when he has breaks from the pizza shop sometimes.

As two, dare I say, attractive and intelligent girls, one of our main criteria for dating a guy is his intelligence. My roommate, unfortunately, labeled her qualification as a college degree. The pizza guy took offense to this as he has no such thing (although he’s happily married with kids), but he’s done very well for himself running the pizza shop.

His main point was that a silly piece of paper saying you went to a school where you spent at least 60% of your time being drunk shouldn’t be the single qualifier for an acceptable boyfriend/husband.

Her main point was that, as a person with a college degree it would be difficult for her to have much in common with someone who hadn’t had the college experience, which in her mind is mainly the liberal arts experience where you learn a little about everything and eventually focus on one thing.

And I agree with both, of course. Not that I would reject someone just because they hadn’t gotten their B.A. or what have you. I dated a guy in college who was a drop-out. But it didn’t end well, showing my roommate’s point that someone who thrives on new information can’t realistically spend the rest of their life with someone who cared more about bars and video games. BUT that’s not to say that you can’t love bars and video games and still be an interesting, intelligent person.

I think what we all eventually agreed is that you’ve got to be able to talk to your significant other, and discover new things with them.

And for my roommate and I, that more than likely means you enjoy reading a book every once in a while.

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