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January 16, 2009

I used to feel sorry for Pigeons

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By now everyone has heard about the crazy Hudson plane crash yesterday. I’d add more weight to this post if anyone were hurt badly, but it seems all’s well, unless some mutations appear in any who were actually touched by the water.

Anyway, the appernt cause of the crash was birds. Now, I’m not saying it was necessarily pigeons, but for the purpose of my rant, they were pigeons. I originally wanted to feel bad for these birds who probably didn’t intend to take down a plane by jamming engines with their bodies. But then I remembered an event from the other day which leads me to believe that pigeons are evil. And they probably meant to take down the plane.

Two days ago I was walking home from work. It was cold, but not as cold as today. I like to think I looked pretty good – nice boots, makeup not completely worn off, hair recently washed. As I rounded a corner I saw what could have been my future husband. Something like this only colder. And then I even had the pleasure of eye contact and a smile. Seriously, one of us was about to say hi, and then he was going to ask me to dinner and the stars were aligning such that we were on track to make gorgeous babies.

Then: Pigeon. I don’t know where it came from, but before I could give this guy my best eye-flirt, all I could see was grey and white flapping. It came straight for me, and the progression of my face went from cute to this:

After re-gaining my balance (this thing actaually grazed my right shoulder, sending me hurling left to try to avoid it) I kept my head down and nearly ran the rest of the way to my appartment.

Well, at least I didn’t end up looking like Fabio:


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