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January 17, 2009

more celebrity doppelgangers

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There are a bunch of posters up for Big Love right now. I think a new season starts next week. I’ve never watched it, but I’ve heard good things. All of the posters are split into four corners and have various characters in each one. One of them is the dude with the three wives. And one of them looks just like Cameron from House.

I’m pretty sure it’s mostly how she looks in this specific picture, but this Ginnifer Goodwin keeps tricking me. She could totally be Jennifer Morrison. Look how similar their names are! And they’re only a year apart in age.

This here is Ginnifer Goodwin and below is Jennifer Morrison.

They’re both lovely girls.I guess Morrison does look a lot different when she has blond hair. But I like her better as Cameron when it’s dark.


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