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January 21, 2009

Fur hats

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It seems like everyone’s talking about Aretha Franklin’s  amazing/hideous/glamorous/sparkly  bow hat. I get it, it’s crazyawesome.

But all these folks seem to be overlooking a far more threatening look sported at yesterday’s inauguration. One that is actually beginning to find its way to non-celebrity heads. One that may forever tarnish the sanctity of winter hats. Fur. Giant hideous fur. Listen, I’m no PETA advocate. I like animals a lot, and I don’t like undue harm. But we have to eat. And I guess you can make an argument for having to be warm. I’m sure these hats are warm.

HOWEVER. There are lots of other warm things to put on your head.

Jay-Z can maybe pull it off, but ONLY because he’s there with Beyonce. This hat sans Beyonce just looks dumb.

And if you think that these normal animal-y colored ones are bad…

Try the 80s hairband…headbands. Of fur.

Here’s a random quote I found.

“Fur has been making a subtly growing comeback both among men whose goal is to be deviously provocative as well as avant-garde hipsters. While fur coats are still a long way from being acceptable to the mainstream, fur accessories seem to be undergoing resurgence in popularity. After Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2007 collection included fur accented and even three-quarter length fur coats, other designers have followed suit. Hats and scarves make for opulently warm and luxurious pieces, and can even look good when worn the right way and by the right person. The danger, coming not only from being attacked by PETA supporters, is also inherent in that you can easily look like an eccentric throwback from Stalin’s Russia or Daniel Boone.”


Even people saying that these things are the new fashion are highlighting its risks. Although I’d like to add to Stalin’s Russia or Daniel Boone:



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