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January 8, 2009

The others…

Man, that’s a clever title. Okay, okay so not actually the others, just the ones I didn’t get to last time. I’ve also had a few more weeks to ponder the characters and their possible whereabouts.

Claire! I felt really bad leaving her out last time, especially with her Charlie connections. What a crazy character, at least in the more recent episodes. Is she dead? Is she just chillin’ out with Jacob/Christian/the smoke monster???

Oh, Emilie di Ravin, you adorable Australian. Another NCIS alum (don’t know if I’ve seen that episode, though). AND AND AND…ROSWELL! I totally forgot she was on that until I looked her up. My parents and I watched that show religiously…I can’t believe I forgot she was the other alien girl who showed up and sort of stole Max away from Liz. Oh, you never saw that show? You don’t know the high-school/alien drama you’re missing.

Beastmaster.  She was in that, too. AS A DEMON. Ridiculous.

She’s got two movies coming up: Rogue’s Gallery, which sounds decent if you’re in to spy movies, and something called Public Enemies about gangsters starring HOLY GOD Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Giovani Ribisi AMONG OTHERS. check it. Oh man I hope that’s for real.

Claire almost wins for most annoying catch-phrase, “My bay-bay!” (baby, for you non-aussie translators). However, there’s one worse, and that’s Michael. Harold Perrineau is actually pretty hot, if you can repress the sound of “My boy! Where’s my boy!?!?!” which he had to yell at least once an episode for a good stretch there. Oh, and if you can ignore the fact that he KILLED LIBBY. And Ana Lucia. Jerk.

I dunno, I guess he kind of redeemed himself on the boat, but man I hated him for a while there. I know, I know, he just wanted to protect his son. But he didn’t have to go about it the way he did.

Anyyyyway. Perrineau is a fairly established actor at this point. He had a pretty significant role on OZ, and he was in some Matrix stuff, as well as 28 Weeks later. None of these things I saw, but sound cool, I guess. BUT mmmmmmmm Shakespeare! Did you remember? I didn’t. He was Mercutio in the 1996 Romeo + Juliet!!! Ah! Ahhh! Love it. Not only is he in drag for the costume party, but he has probably one of the best  scenes in that movie when he’s screaming out on that desert/abandoned lot thing. And then when he dies…oof. Tearjerker.

He’s also Ariel in a TV version of The Tempest, and the chorus in something called MacBeth in Manhattan, which sounds pretty awful, but you never know. Did I mention I love Shakespeare a lot? So points for him.

Plus Walt. Malcolm David Kelley. Not much to say here, since he’s only 16. He had his first role at 6, though, which is pretty impressive. I’m not even going to get into his mysterious growth spurt on the show. Obviously it couldn’t be avoided when you cast a 12 year old kid. Can’t be expected not to age over the course of 4 years. Chock it up to weird time-travel, if you like.

He paid his dues on some pretty common shows, Judging Amy, Law & Order, etc. He’s got two upcoming movies, Kings of Appletown and Mississippi Damned in which he apears to have fairly main roles. Good for him. I wonder if Walt has to come back to the island with everyone else, too.

I contemplated not addding Shannon and Boone, but I can’t help it. They still seem like very integral characters to me, even though they both bit the big one more than a season ago.

I liked Shannon okay, except I never really bought her and Sayid. I mean, yeah if I couldn’t have Jack or Sawyer because of stupid Kate, and Jin’s already taken, I guess he’s the next best choice. But..I don’t know,  it was too quick, I think. All of a sudden they’re in love? Eh.

So, Maggie Grace. She was in seriously nothing I’ve heard of except Cold Case and CSI until Lost. I saw a commercial last night for her new movie Taken with Liam Neeson. It looks okay for what appears to be a hostage/thriller movie. Also upcoming: Playing Alice in Malice in Wonderland (sounds…iffy) and rumored to be in Catch .44, something I just can’t get behind because of the title. Sorry, I’m a big Joseph Heller fan.

She’s real hot, though.

But Boone! Oh, gorgeous, foolish, Boone. Why do so many people on this show have amazing eyeballs? Guess that’s why so many episodes start with eye-closeups. Mystery: solved. Ian Somerhalder was in a few things before Lost including Life as a House which I intended to see, but never did, and The Rules of Attraction, which was pretty good if you didn’t read the book first. I guess he’s had time to make movies since Boone died. He’s got four coming out The Tournament, How to Make Love to a Woman, Wake, and Fireball. Wake sounds the most interesting to me, and also has Danny Masterson in it, so I’m sold.

Also, you know how I feel about beards.

Okay, two more for today. Two of the most important characters in the show…first Juliet.  I love her. And I think she makes a lot more sense with Jack than Kate does. It took me a while to think of her as a good guy. But her flashback episodes really made me like her. And then that last scene of her with the rum on the beach. I guess I hope I’m most like her out of all the female characters.

Elizabeth Mitchell plays her. She’s done the regulars, Law & Order, CSI, and even a 14 episode stint on ER. BUt she also made the decision to be Mrs. Claus in The Santa Claus 2 AND 3. Not sure how I feel about that.

She’s totall gorgeous, but she needs to lay off the eye makeup.

Laaaaast….the one behind it all (maybe?)

Ben, by far the creepiest and most hated character on the show. But I’m willing to bed Michael Emerson is actually a really sweet guy. I don’t know why I feel that way. He just seems like it in pictures of him smiling, and not in that creepy ben smile way. I don’t know what the hell Ben is up to, how he got to the island, how he moved it, etc. His backstory episodes to a lot to explain his personality, but not really his motivations. He’s probably the character I’m most excited to follow. Everyone else is fairly settled in who they are, but there’s still so much more to find out about him.

He’s apparently mainly a stage actor, so it makes sense that he doesn’t have too many movies listed. Just the typical shows, plus playing a crazy person in Saw.

Maybe I’ll get to the ship people at some point, mostly because I love Daniel. Only time will tell…

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