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December 18, 2008

conflicting loyalties

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Unpopular as they may be on this coast, I was brought up a Cowboys fan. My father grew up in the 60s, when they became “America’s Team” and I grew up in the 90s, when they were doing pretty great, too. So my dad and I bonded over that, and he taught me to respect the great blue star, and even took me to a game once. Unfortunately, I gew up outside of Philadelphia where Dallas hatred runs rampant, and we couldn’t even wear blue to the game because we were afraid of getting beat up. Yes, Philadelphia fans are so ridiculous that I wouldn’t put it past them punching a 12 year old girl in the face.

I don’t care how douchey the current Dallas team is, or how crazy T.O. gets

I love my dad and my dad loves the Cowboys. Transitive properties, folks.

I’ve got lots of loyalties to fairly random teams. I’m not that serious of a fan. I like the Ravens because I went to school near Baltimore. I like the Steelers because my older cousin (who I had a crush on when I was little) likes them and is from Pittsburgh. I like the Raiders (sort of) because that was my high school mascot. I like the Buccaneers because they shoot off a canon every time they score a touchdown at a home game, and that’s bad ass. I LOVE(d) the Packers because Brett Favre is too amazing to put in to words. Now I feel obligated to like the Jetts because of his (silly) move. And I like the Colts and the Giants because the Mannings are just the cutest ever.

I still hate the Eagles and root for whoever is playing against them.

Now here’s my dilemma. I just moved to New York. And the Giants are doing really well. I was shocked when I heard that the Boys beat the Giants a couple of weeks ago (I was on a bus and couldn’t watch the game). And without Burress, I’m not sure how shoe-in the Giants seem at this point.

So who do I root for? The most adorable quarterback and my current home team. Or the douchey team I grew up loving?

The big 10? Or not quite good enough #9. I guess I’ll have to wait and see who makes it to the superbowl. If neither of them do, it’s anyone but the Eagles.

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