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December 18, 2008

Where the Sidewalk Smells…

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On my way to and from work every day there’s this corner. On the corner there’s a green fence blockin geverything but the sidewalk. There’s construction or something going on behind the fence (and has been since I started working half a block away).

And EVERY DAY it smells like pee. I try to avoid this smell by holding my breath but I usually time my walking wrong and end up gasping for air at the worst possible moment, getting a huge waft of stale pee. Gross.

My confusion has many levels, here. First, why don’t any of the people around me seem to smell this, and have reactions similar to this guy

Second, why does it smell like this? Is it just a permanent stench that has seeped into the location? Is it that there’s a subway grate nearby and the smell is wafting up at exactly the moment I walk home every night? Is some homeless guy consistently peeing in the same spot every night just to annoy me???

I’m seriously tempted to start walking three blocks out of my way to avoid this daily pain. I can’t imagine how much worse it will be when warm weather returns.

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