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December 17, 2008

transit prices

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I knew this was coming, I’d heard about it of course, and I just read a billion comments about it from New Yorkers and all those other people.

I’m not one for really advertising political opinions, but this just doesn’t seem right. I don’t really mind paying more for the subway. I only take it a few times a week, and people who ride it a lot should just get the unlimited pass. I know they don’t want it to go up $40 a month or whatever, but it’s really not that bad.

I don’t even mind being crammed in to cars. Except for that one time that creepy guy touched my butt, but what can you expect? It’s New York, it’s crowded. I knew that when I decided to move here. If you don’t like being smushed against a lot of people, this is not the city for you.

What I DO mind is that they’re laying off so many people. I understand, budget budget blah blah. But I can’t see justifying getting rid of so many workers. If the reasoning were that there was less work to do because the company was failing and/or reducing customers then I’d understand. But nobody who uses the subway on a regular basis is going to stop using it because of the rate hikes, it’s just going to make us all a little more pissed off when we’re shoved in the trains. So the answer to this is to get rid of 600 of the people who (presumably) make the trains more safe and easy to navigate? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Maybe someone can explain things better to me.

Also, I never take the W, but this picture is just so sad!


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