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December 19, 2008

Why NCIS is better than those other crime shows.

I’ve got to admit I watch a lot of crime shows. They’re very easy to come in late on, and don’t reqiure me watching the full hour if I don’t feel like it. Nothing hugely shocking is ever going to happen. The case will be solved, or not solved, but it doesn’t really matter because the characters stay the same.

However, NCIS changes all that. At least for me. And here’s why:


First off, he’s dreamy.  I knew I loved Mark Harmon because of my family’s consistent watching of Summer School, in which he plays Mr. Shoop who helps a rag-tag group of nearly drop-outs pass their their tests, or at least do less terribly on them. Who knew he could be even more adorable as a somewhat grouchy oldish man. That’s the thing, though. He’s tough, but he’s also a sweetie.

ALSO he was on the cover of Playgirl the year I was born. Does that make me creepy for having such a crush on him?

Answer: No. He’s just wonderful.

And, was in some great things, including an episode of Lavern and Shirley from 1977. He hosted SNL in 1987, and was in Wyatt Earp, Natural Born Killers, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Oh, and of course, JAG where Special Agent Gibbs was first seen (I think).

What’s great about NCIS is how he (Gibbs) teaches, punishes, encourages, ridicules and loves all of his underlings, Tony, Ziva, Abby, McGee, Ducky (oh, and don’t forget Kate).

Ok, so Tony. He’s cute, for sure, but he’s no Gibbs. Yet. I’ve seen some definite hints that he’ll replace Gibbs as senior whatever whatever agent, if he ever dies/leaves the show. Which won’t happen because he’s immortal. He’s played by Michael Weatherly who apparently was engaged to Jessica Alba. I wonder who dumped who.

And Ziva, who is surprisingly hot in real life. I like how bad-ass she is, and her American slang mishaps are always good for a laugh. Her sexual chemistry with Tony is much better than Kate’s was. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Kate a lot, but her flirtations with Tony were always very “No, this will never actually happen” and straightforward. Ziva and Tony seem like they could mount each other on Gibbs’ desk at any moment, but they have no idea it’s going to happen. In real life Cote de Pablo hasn’t done much else, but apparently is a good musician. cool.

I wasn’t going to say much about Kate.

Still not, really except I just found out that the chick who plays her, Sasha Alexander was PACEY’S SISTER on Dawson’s Creek. Weird. She’s also in that new Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man, which I probably won’t see. But good for her. Also…Dayum –>

And now for my FAVORITE…McGee!!! I love him so much. Okay, maybe not as much as Gibbs, but he’s definitely the best of the rest of them. I love that he’s an author and his books are based on the NCIS office. Here’s the best part. Sean Murray was totally Zachary Binks in Hocus Pocus. Hell yes. I was in love with him when I was 8 years old and I had no idea! Plus, I know McGee isn’t all that dreamy on the show, but Murray is a total real-life sexy man. Seems to be a trend for NCIS. He’s the youngest of the array of attractive men on the show, but, unfortunately for me, married with kids. Phooey.

But that doesn’t leave any reason for McGee and Abby to stop their delicious flirting/awkwardness. They’re so wonderful. I didn’t like Abby at first. Her whole goth thing seemed annoying to me. But I was totally wrong. She’s one of the highlights of the show, and don’t get my started on the adorableness that ensues when she and Gibbs get together. Love. She’s played by Pauley Perrette, who I was very surprised to discover is almost 40. Weird. Also, really gorgeous.

They’re just all so good looking, how could you not want to watch USA’s 4-hour marathons that happen EVERY DAY.

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