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January 22, 2009

Lost Season Five: Death of the Flashback

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So Lost last night was of course great and wonderful.


I was disappointed with the end of the second episode. I’m sorry but, “Then God help us all…” is not an adequate gasp-enducer. I KNOW that really bad things are going to happen if these people don’t get back to the island. Start telling me what or why or when and I’ll be excited. Thank you, Daniel. (you’re so cute, btw).

I’m very sad to see the end of the flashback. I know they’re not necessary or even possible at this point in the show, but I liked the old format a lot. It was nice for the island plot/characters to move along (usually slowly) while you got a closer look into their lives before the island.  But alas, we know all of the (still living) characters pretty well by now. And flashbacks within time-travel is kind of pointless, yeah?

hot-pocketI think it pretty much goes without saying that my favorite moment BY FAR was Hurley hurling (ha!) a hot pocket at Ben.  Seriously, I was drinking a Dharma-labeled beer at the time, and thought I might pee myself. It’s happened before.

Here’s how I feel about the characters at the moment:

Jack: Getting less pathetic than last season. Could’ve kept the beard, if he’d just trimmed.

Kate: Ugh, stop committing felonies all the time. Also, you know you want to get back with Sawyer, that is if he’s not already doing Juliet.

Sun: That was pretty harsh what she did to Kate, but I have faith. Plus, if I lost Jin I’d be pretty passive-aggressive, too. It’s either going to be really easy or really hard to get her to go back to the island. I have my theories…

Sawyer: Definitely more of a leader when stupid Jack isn’t around. I don’t know why he felt such a need to find a shirt. There’s lots of speculation that he and Juliet are gonna get it on this season. More power to them if they want to, but I will do everything I can to stop it. Like teleporting to the island and totally cockblocking Juliet.151

Juliet: I feel like she’s not changing much. Sure, she’s more assertive than when she came to the island, but at this point it doesn’t seem like she’s ever gonna get off. Although, if Ethan is back, does that mean Goodwin can be, too?

Locke: I feel about him a lot like I felt about former (!) president Bush. He’s not intentionally screwing everything up, but he’s gotten some really bad advice, and he’s just not cut out to make important decisions. He’s an overall good person. He’s got a good heart, just follows that too much instead of his brain. I’m excited to see how his corpse convinces the Six to come back.

Hurley: COME ON MAN. I love him, he’s great. But Ana Lucia specifically told him not to get arrested. Granted, Sayid told him to do the opposite of what Ben says, but not going back to the island didn’t necessarily have to involve giving himself up to the cops. GAH.

Sayid: Still badass. Still not hot.

danielDaniel: He’s making me more and more suspicious of him, which sucks because he’s so darn cute. But he’s apparently going to explain everything eventually, so I’ll let him drag it out a little further.

I can’t believe Jeremy Davies (the guy who plays him) is going to be 40 this year. I’d let him pass for 26. I’d also marry him.

18Charlotte: I really don’t like her at all. But I don’t really want anything bad to happen to her because I know Daniel cares about her a lot, and she’s apparently a big link in this whole crazy puzzle. However, either something bad is going to happen, or she’s working on a sweet new mustache/chest hair statement.

Miles: Same. Go convince some more boars to drop dead so you can eat them.

Bernard and Rose: SHUT UP. I’m tired of them. Sorry.

Ben: are you good or bad?!?!? Just tell meeeeeeeeeee.

…um this post may or may not have been skewed by my boss being a dbag all day and me being in a bad mood. apologies.


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